Create a statewide college recruitment campaign to get former MnSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) students back in the classroom – not an easy task when you’re dealing with 31 community colleges and state universities in multiple locations with diverse programs and student populations.


Flint launched an integrated college recruitment campaign, including email marketing, direct mail and search engine marketing (SEM) to drive prospective students to landing pages. All tactics targeted students who attended MnSCU but did not receive a degree. Messages were further segmented into the amount of time since students left the MnSCU system.

Each messaging track was based on top factors people consider when deciding whether to return to school, such as cost, convenience and value (e.g., will it increase my earning potential?) Message timing and medium delivery was based on the segment to which an individual belongs and how the person interacted with the previous message.

Driving engagement

To continue engaging prospective students and raise awareness of MnSCU’s Credit for Prior Learning and other adult-centered programs, Flint launched a lead nurturing campaign to more than 40,000 former MnSCU students. Using direct marketing tactics, including email, personalized direct mail and dynamic landing pages, we delivered relevant campus and enrollment information based on profile data, such as employment status or academic major, as well as online interactions and behaviors.


The integrated student recruitment campaign drew more than 3,000 visits to the landing pages. Email messages averaged a 12 percent click-to-open rate and generated a 42 percent conversion rate for the interest-based survey.

MnSCU also gained fresh data from the survey effort, such as factors contributing to a person’s decision to leave school before completing their degree, what keeps them from re-enrolling, and what offerings would encourage them to re-enroll – all insights that can be used to shape future recruitment efforts.

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