Mahindra Aerospace


Mahindra, the global company acquiring small-town OEM, operates with an ever-expanding product roster (serving 18 industries at last count). The new brand needed to not only set itself apart in a competitive market but also align with the Mahindra brand – one of the Forbes Global 1,000 (803 to be exact).


Creating a brand that embodies Mahindra’s core promise of Rise – empowering people to move up in life – we distinguished the Mahindra Airvan with an ownable market position.

The creative puts customers front and center, as the doers and heroes achieving with the Airvan 8 and Airvan 10 planes. With brand guidelines and imagery capturing the wonder of flight and aspiring tales of the human spirit, Mahindra’s customers are certainly poised to rise.


The newly branded Airvan 8 debuted at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, the world’s largest aviation celebration. Mahindra Aerospace’s executive director and global CEO said it was the best presence at Oshkosh the company has ever had. It pulled in 30 qualified leads, which leadership considered highly successful.


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