Kubota Engine America


In early 2017, Kubota Engine America (KEA) had an exciting new product in the making: the new V5009, the biggest engine ever released by KEA. It wouldn’t be available until 2020, but KEA hoped to generate interest around the V5009 engine at the approaching 2017 Conexpo-Con/Agg trade show in Las Vegas, NV. With a short two-week deadline before the event, KEA reached out to Flint Group with a goal of stirring up media attention for the reveal.


Adjusting our schedules to accommodate conference calls with KEA and the Kubota corporate team based in Japan, we quickly got to work. Our PR team first focused on reaching out to several media contacts and publications. Pre-event and follow-up press releases informed the public about the product reveal. Social media and online ads promoted the new engine during Conexpo-Con/Agg. And select media outlets were exclusively invited to interview the creator of the new engine on-site at Conexpo-Con/Agg, with a goal of securing five on-site interviews during the event.


Although the PR efforts for the reveal had to be handled quickly and confidentially, they were incredibly effective, helping KEA garner global media attention for the unveiling of their new engine. 25 industry websites published articles about the reveal and seven on-site interviews were completed at Conexpo-Con/Agg, surpassing KEA’s goal and creating additional interest in the V5009 engine.


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