Agricultural machinery company AGCO has always had a strong dealer network. AGCO wanted to leverage that in order to increase sales of Massey Ferguson® tractors—primarily by carrying a consistent, persuasive message to existing and new customers. In addition to sellingtractors, the goals were to capture quality leads, gather valuable information from prospects, and further segment audiences to continue meaningful dialogue.


Instead of simply announcing a rebate program to dealers, AGCO utilized our Fargo office to create actual materials that promote a reliable, steady message and look (exactly like the actual tractors we were looking to sell). AGCO chose to use traditional media such as outdoor and direct mail, along with digital/interactive media and comprehensive point of purchase materials such as hang tags to actually put on tractors at dealerships. Everything created is integrated and uses direct messaging, which has been highly effective with this market. The messaging is very sales-driven, emphasizing the time-sensitive rebates and sending prospects right to their local dealers. A Facebook campaign was also developed targeting people interested in hunting and a rural lifestyle.


AGCO has had phenomenal results with these campaigns. The Fall 2012 Sales Event campaign materials generated more than 1,500 solid leads and resulted in at least 300 tractor sales. And so far, the Spring Sales Event has generated more than 100 solid leads in the first three weeks.  For AGCO, that’s a promising start to what looks to be yet another successful sales campaign.


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