4 Bears Casino & Lodge


A few years ago, 4 Bears Casino & Lodge completed a major renovation with a new event center with larger capacity, better amenities, a state-ofthe-art theater sound system, great seats and an ever-growing lineup of concerts, rodeos, MMA and other events for diverse audiences. The casino and lodge had also enhanced its gaming areas, hotel (lodge), restaurants and added a yacht for summer cruises and special events on the adjacent river.


Flint Group developed an integrated marketing campaign with the theme Your Oasis 4 Fun, which includes a bi-monthly newsletter, print advertising, website refresh, billboards, TV and radio commercials, on-site materials, public relations and social media. Communications materials target the 4 Bears core audience with a fresh new look to showcase the new offerings.


Flint Group helped amp up targeted marketing and promotions to drive ticket sales to events. Several events have sold out. More strategic media placements and negotiations promoted the new brand campaign and event center marketing. For instance, 4 Bears runs monthly brand ads in area daily newspapers, plus weekly in local newspapers, and targeted messaging in magazines, TV and radio to match audiences with 4 Bears Casino offerings and events. Social media has been a key initiative, both in organic posts and paid ads. Flint Group attentively manages all 4 Bears social spaces, using our expertise to best utilize each channel and its offerings to reach visitors, lodging rates, gaming and event ticketing goals.


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