We’d rather be talking about you.

Such a tight knit group, we should have jackets with our names on them. Get to know us, then stop by and meet us or maybe even join us.

  • Lonna Whiting
    Lonna Whiting Copywriting
  • Kimberly Matter
    Kimberly Matter Media blog
  • Lacey Nygard
    Lacey Nygard PR blog
  • Jeremiah Bjerken
    Jeremiah Bjerken IT
  • Kim Kemmer
    Kim Kemmer Research blog
  • Brenda Ostlie
    Brenda Ostlie Copywriting ---
    is pretty fond of P.F. Chang's blog
  • Megan Flesvig
    Megan Flesvig Media
  • Linda Muus
    Linda Muus Account Services blog
  • Susan Hogen
    Susan Hogen Account Services blog
  • Kelly Falk
    Kelly Falk Interactive
  • Charlie Nelson
    Charlie Nelson Media blog
  • Sarah Olsgaard
    Sarah Olsgaard Account Services blog
  • Jen Strickler
    Jen Strickler Interactive ---
    Believes you are the sum of your experiences blog
  • Maren Hamilton
    Maren Hamilton Interactive ---
    enjoys the fact that her dog has a Facebook page
  • Bethany Abeln
    Bethany Abeln Design
  • Kim Healy
    Kim Healy Administrative