We’d rather be talking about you.

Such a tight knit group, we should have jackets with our names on them. Get to know us, then stop by and meet us or maybe even join us.

  • Melanie Goldish
    Melanie Goldish Account Services
  • Yahya Rushdi
    Yahya Rushdi Design
  • Andrea Morrow
    Andrea Morrow Account Services
  • Jen Reierson
    Jen Reierson PR
  • Laurel Voels
    Laurel Voels Design
  • Mikaela Krenzen
    Mikaela Krenzen Media ---
    dominates the volleyball court blog
  • Kaia Watkins
    Kaia Watkins Direct ---
    "No, I'm not allergic; I just hate cats." blog
  • Jodi Duncan
    Jodi Duncan Account Services blog
  • Phil Hunt
    Phil Hunt Copywriting ---
    recently won an En Vogue CD in a hula-hoop contest blog
  • Christy Ladner
    Christy Ladner Design ---
    typically clips her nails twice a month
  • Melissa Reichert
    Melissa Reichert PR blog
  • Megan Pechin
    Megan Pechin Account Services
  • Bill Hatling
    Bill Hatling Account Services ---
    thinks snap peas are masquerading candy blog
  • Alissa Pesta
    Alissa Pesta Interactive blog
  • Stephanie Forness
    Stephanie Forness Account Services blog
  • LaRissa Nelson
    LaRissa Nelson Copywriting ---
    “It matters what's on the inside…of a sandwich.” blog