10 things every social media community manager should know

10 things every social media community manager should know

by Kelly Falk, January 20, 2015 | 1 Comment

With 72% of people on the Internet active on social media, 53% of people on Twitter recommending products in their Tweets and over 400 million snaps sent every day on Snapchat – social media is a big deal. Therefore, your brand will want to put its best face forward on all active networks. So get ready, because we’re […]

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2014 Social Media Trends

Top 7 social media advancements of 2014

by Kelly Falk, December 30, 2014 | No Comments

In 2014 – a year when MySpace tried to re-engage people and Foursquare repositioned itself – which elements of social media were most powerful? Our lineup includes the seven new things brought to social media in 2014 that also have the most potential to continue helping organizations in 2015. 1. Facebook’s autoplay videos Remember the […]

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YouTube SEO: How to write youtube tags, annotations, playlists

YouTube SEO part 3: How to write YouTube tags, playlists, annotations and more

by Elizabeth Hansen, December 22, 2014 | No Comments

This is the third in a three-part series on maximizing SEO for YouTube. Also: See part one on keywords. And, part two on titles and descriptions. Now that we’ve explained how to identify powerful keywords and how to write YouTube titles and descriptions with keywords in mind, it’s time to focus on the extra steps […]

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Content Marketing: 5 keys to engaging audiences

Content marketing: How to engage audiences without babies, kittens or Kardashian derrières

by Mary Schieve, December 18, 2014 | No Comments

You don’t need to go viral, replicate the Ice Bucket Challenge, or #BreakTheInternet to successfully market your products or services. You just need to create seriously good content that gives your customers what they’re looking for. Knowing what they want and giving it to them is a much more effective marketing approach than trying to […]

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